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Hospice volunteers make a difference

If you"re seeking a way to make a difference in your community, volunteering at your local non-profit hospice is the perfect place to do it:

-whatever your age, education, or area of interest.
-whenever you have time: during the day, after work, on the weekends.

As non-profit organizations, hospices rely on the services of those in their communities. Many local physicians and professional staff are volunteers. Others serve as truck drivers, translators, computer wizards, short-order chefs, dog walkers, envelope stuffers, readers, receptionists, and more.

And even if you couldn"t find yourself doing any of those things, your local Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance hospice will teach you any number of new skills - providing the education and training you"ll need.

Non-profit hospice volunteer training is the perfect way to get in touch with issues confronting you about death and dying. It"s also a great place to make new friends and discover what"s important in your life.

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