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Nationally acclaimed speaker, author and physician Dr. Nathan Goldstein honored by Hospice of Texarkana

A nationally acclaimed speaker, author and physician was honored by Hospice of Texarkana/Hospice of Hope on Friday, April 9 at Bryce's Cafeteria. Dr. Nathan Goldstein's aunt, Hedy Pearlman of Texarkana, also was honored. That day, he presented educational programs to physicians at both of the hospitals in Texarkana.

Dr. Goldstein is a physician and Associate Professor with the Department of Geriatrics, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY. He is an authority in the fields of hospice and palliative care. The educational opportunity for area physicians was brought to Texarkana by Hospice of Texarkana, Inc. and, in part, by a $1,500 grant from the Hospice Education Institute. Dr. Goldstein spoke on: “Partnering Together to Improve Care of Patients with Serious Illness.”

Hospice of Texarkana/Hospice of Hope is a nonprofit agency which has served the area for 25 years as the community’s independent, end-of-life care provider.

December 15th 2009

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