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Hospice Brazos Valley

HBV Inpatient Facility

On January 9, 2012 Hospice Brazos Valley (HBV) began operating the first hospice inpatient facility in the Brazos Valley. This important aspect of hospice and palliative care was made possible through support from the community, staff, and volunteers, and represents a collective dream becoming reality.

The HBV Inpatient Facility is for patients with symptoms too complex to address at home. It offers acute care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is specifically for hospice patients who require active treatment, frequent assessment and skilled medical interventions. Short-term acute care is provided in a family-oriented environment with the goal of stabilizing patients and their families. Care includes medical psychosocial monitoring and end-of-life spiritual counseling. Services are delivered by an experienced palliative care team and guided by calming compassionate values.

The HBV Inpatient Facility houses 7 private rooms furnished to support overnight stays with loved ones. Patient rooms have an outdoor view and are filled with natural light, along with a spacious family room available to family members and visitors. These essential amenities create the feeling of home. The Inpatient Facility also provides respite care for HBV patients receiving hospice services in their private residences. These patients usually have a family caregiver who can become exhausted. Respite care is a benefit to the caregiver by providing a brief break from care giving, while also ensuring quality care for the patient on service.

Acute Care Services

Hospice inpatient care is available to patients who meet hospice admission criteria, and when the hospice interdisciplinary team believes symptoms cannot be effectively managed at home. The length of stay is based upon the patient's condition, medical needs, and is re-evaluated daily. During the patient's stay care is provided by hospice and palliative care RNs, LVNs and aides, certified hospice and palliative care physicians, licensed medical social workers, volunteers, bereavement counselors, and chaplains. Patients can be admitted to the inpatient facility 24 hours a day from any setting- a private residence, nursing home, or hospital. The patient's attending physician can also be involved in ongoing development of the plan of care and will receive updates on their patient's condition.

Patients may be discharged to return home once medical and/or psychosocial reasons for the admission have been stabilized for 24 hours. An appropriate discharge plan will be developed if/when the patient transfers to another level of care.

Services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans.

For more information please call 979-821-2266.

February 10th 2015

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