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Houston Hospice Celebrates National Hospice Month Through Stories of Comfort-Love-Respect

Houston Hospice will celebrate National Hospice Month in November by highlighting employee experiences and delving into the human aspect of hospice care. The 2012 National Hospice and Palliative Care theme is Comfort-Love-Respect - something we see daily at Houston Hospice. Inspired by this theme we will be highlighting employees who will share their experiences with the work of hospice care.

The Comfort-Love-Respect theme embodies the spirit of hospice. The month is dedicated to bringing awareness to hospice care and reminds us that life matters. Hospice care happens because of skilled and compassionate hospice and palliative care professionals. These include physicians, nurses, social workers, counselors, hospice aides, clergy and volunteers.

Director of Bereavement Services at the Houston Hospice Marti Nelson, LCSW said, “I am drawn to the innate wisdom of the griever and the beauty of the natural and NORMAL grief response. I get to watch these bereaved family members come back to life again!” Additional employee profiles will be published through the Houston Hospice website during the month of November.

Houston Hospice provides uncompromising, compassionate end-of-life care to patients and families in our community. Through the efforts of a specially-trained and highly skilled interdisciplinary team of health care professionals and volunteers, Houston Hospice patients and their families are guided through the process of illness, by receiving clinical care, psychosocial support, spiritual guidance and volunteer assistance. For additional information about Houston Hospice please visit houstonhospice.org.

October 10th 2012

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